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With the economic climate in it's current state, everyone is feeling the pinch, and this is depressing enough without letting it affect your love lives.

Dating can be very expensive if you are not careful, so in these hard times it is not surprising that people are deciding to cut back.

However when you meet someone new you want to be able to indulge yourselves with nice treats such as fancy meals, cinema trips or concert and theatre visits. But these types of activities all add up and end up being very expensive when you are doing them two or three times a week.

However if you start dating sensibly on a budget then you will not have to stop dating altogether, you can still have lots of fun and at the fraction of the cost. You simply need to be more creative and find cheaper and, even better, FREE alternatives so you are still able to have a good time when you meet a new person.

So here are 10 brilliant, inexpensive dating ideas for you to try out:

  1. Renting a DVD. This can work out a lot cheaper and can sometimes be more romantic than going to the cinema, as you will be in the privacy of your own home, on a comfortable sofa. However if you want to see the latest film, then many cinema companies have cheaper nights and deals on throughout the week, so try and find out if a cinema near you offers this service and find out when it is, as sometimes it can be nearly half the usual price.
  2. Stay in and cook. You can have an enjoyable night in, cooking and eating together, it can actually be more fun than being waited on in a restaurant. Also another alternative is to keep your eyes peeled for offers for restaurants, as sometimes they have offers on or publish vouchers in local magazines etc. so look out for them.
  3. Go for a walk. If it is a nice night and the stars are out, go for a stroll and enjoy being out in the fresh air. You could stop off at a pub or cafe for a drink and walk back. Also during the day you could go out for a walk, there are loads of parks and gardens just waiting to be discovered, so go out and have a look at what you can find.
  4. A picnic in a park, garden or field that you know or find. If the weather is nice take a blanket, food and wine and sit in the sun and enjoy a cheap picnic together.
  5. The beach. If the weather is good, you could visit your local beach and have a picnic or just a walk along the waterfront, stop for a drink or an ice cream and walk back.
  6. Try the local arcades. You could take some two pence coins and play on the slot machines, or on the crane games, now this can be very cheap, especially if you win your money back, you could even make a few pounds.
  7. Sports or exercise activity. If you are quite a sporty couple and like the same kinds of sports and exercise then this is something that you can do together on a fun date. For instance you could go mountain biking or jogging together or try another sport that you enjoy, like playing tennis or badminton.
  8. Art Gallery openings. If you keep your eyes peeled you can always find events like this and even if you are not that into art, there can sometimes be free food and wine, so could definitely be worth a look, and you never know you might surprise yourselves and enjoy the art.
  9. Open mic nights and poetry readings. There are often events like this going on in different venues such as Art Centres or pubs for example, these can often cost a small ticket price but can go on all day, with a wide variety of different entertainment that will keep you occupied.
  10. Board games or card games at home. If you really are short of cash then this can be a surprisingly fun alternative to an expensive date.

So hopefully these few ideas will get you going, so you can enjoy more cheap and enjoyable times with your partner or new person in your life.

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